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We meet on the third Tuesday of every month.

Social time is from 6:00pm to 6:45pm.
The meeting starts at 6:45pm
followed by a Program and Show and Tell.

Heard-Craig Hall
306 N. Church Street
McKinney, TX 75069
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President's Challenges
1. Orphan Blocks
(The rules are yours to make)
by M J Fielek

The challenge is to take orphan blocks and leftovers from all the quilts you have made or have started and probably won't ever finish and put them together in a quilt.
You will work with value not color.
It does not matter if the block does not fit just add a strip to make it fit.
It is okay to cut the blocks in half.

This quilt can be made medallion style, in vertical or horizontal rows, or in sections.
Just add strips or square triangles or other pieces from quilts to make things fit.

This quilt can be any size: miniature, lap, or as large as you want to make it.
After the quilt is completely finished, quilted and bound,
it can be dyed with any color dye to make the quilt blend together.

When you are ready for dyeing instructions, I have a handout for that.

2. Leftovers
(The rules are yours to make)
by M J Fielek
This quilt is different because we use only strips, squares or small units that you have cut for other quilts.
Sew together different size strips; don't worry about the colors.

You will need black and white fabric to tie all the colors together.
Slash the section you have made apart at an angle and add a strip of black and white fabric, of any width.
I cut several times on some of the sections going opposite directions and added inch strips to add another color.

It is your quilt so get creative when building sections.
You could border with black and white to separate the sections.
My border is all widths of strips sewn together and cut to the size that fits the top.
I put black and white striped fabric on either side of my border strips.

Black and white polka dots look great in this quilt.
I found that novelty prints add interest to the quilt in small amounts.
I did not use but a couple of completed blocks in my quilt, and I cut them in odd ways and added strips to them.

This quilt can be any size: miniature, lap, or as large as you want to make it.

We do not dye this quilt. But you can if you want to.


The McKinney Quilter's Guild was established in 1980 in McKinney, Texas and today has a membership of over 100 quilters. Members gather to preserve the heritage of quilting, promote the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of quilting, and provide the opportunity for continuing education among those interested in the art of quilting.

Each month at the Guild meeting, there is an informative program as well as Show and Tell, which is always a great inspiration! Visitors are welcome, so please join us for our next meeting.

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